5 Reasons to Love Trafalgar's Be My Guest Experiences

5 Reasons to Love Trafalgar's Be My Guest Experiences
News Source: travelpulse.com

Exploring new places encourages your clients to take the time to not only stop and notice their surroundings but also to take in the enriching culture they’re immersed in.

Trafalgar’s exclusive Be My Guest experiences go beyond major cities. They head for the hills where locals and natives alike can provide not only a new way of thinking but insight into their daily lives and culture.

Here are five reasons a Trafalgar Be My Guest experience is a must for your client’s next trip.

 Exclusive to Trafalgar Guests

Trafalgar was the first in the industry to offer this type of experience to guests more than 10 years ago. There are now 100+ experiences across all seven continents Trafalgar visits, with all guests getting the chance to experience Be My Guest for themselves. They will not get this type of authentic local experience anywhere else.

Keep Local Traditions Alive

Every Be My Guest experience gives back to the community, ensuring that the local people, places and traditions remain thriving, healthy and vibrant, not only for today but into the future. Most Be My Guest experiences are located outside of cities.

We are proud that Trafalgar's visits have the power to truly change lives as we support family businesses and therefore their livelihoods, many of which span generations. Through the JoinTrafalgar program and partnership with the TreadRight Foundation, our guests are making a difference in combating over-tourism and preserving the world’s beauty.

The Muhoberac family

PHOTO: The Muhoberac family teaches guests local folklore dances outside of their home in Osojnik, Croatia. (photo via Trafalgar Travel)

Uncover the Real Soul of the Place

Truly experiencing life like a local is rare. Visitors will not only meet their host but also get to talk with them, learn from them and dine with them through enriching experiences curated solely for Trafalgar.

Not Just Visiting Scotland

On a Best of Scotland tour, travelers aren't just seeing Scotland. They are dining at a centuries-old family farm.

When people find themselves searching the internet for the top sites to see in the cities they’re heading to, something they won’t often find is an experience with locals who offer an exclusive look into their daily lives. Be My Guest experiences provide something you can’t find on every tourism site.

the Wood’s 15th-century historical farm in Kinlochard

PHOTO: Guests enjoying the sounds of bagpipes on the Wood’s 15th-century historical farm in Kinlochard, Scotland. (photo via Trafalgar Travel)

Life Changing Experience

Be My Guest travelers experience not only a sense of renewed thinking but also life-changing experiences that spark new ideas and insights into how the locals truly live. Guests can take these values back home with them and apply them to their daily lives.

Uncovering the soul and culture of a place is one of the most rewarding and exciting experiences in life. With over 72 years in the industry, Trafalgar continues to maintain, support and provide locals and guests with a one-of-a-kind experience.

With over 5 million happy guests and a 97 percent independently reviewed satisfaction rating, this award-winning company is the world's leader in travel.

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