A Travel Agent Leap of Faith

A Travel Agent Leap of Faith
Courtesy: Christ Hornick | News Source: travelpulse.com

Name: Chris Hornick

Agency Name and Location: Chris Hornick - Dream Vacations, Pleasant Hill, Pa.

My Former Career: Insurance adjuster and volunteer firefighter for 11 years

Why I Chose a Travel Career: I always had a passion for travel and was the family travel planner. I also wanted to escape the corporate America environment and get into business for myself. At age 31, I decided to take the leap of faith and haven’t looked back since!

Why I Chose my Host/Franchise Network: A family member had booked a vacation with sister brand CruiseOne and had a great experience with them. I researched my options, and purchasing a franchise made the most sense to me, since I did not really have a business background or the means to start a company from the ground up without a template and system in place. Dream Vacations just felt right from Day One.

My Biggest Challenge Starting Out: The biggest challenge was first figuring out how to just operate a business from a day-to-day standpoint, and how to build my client base and business from scratch. The tools were all there, but it was up to me to figure out how to get this train moving.

How I Solved It: Using the support staff at Dream Vacations’ headquarters, and also my peer franchisees, was monumental in getting my business up and moving. I did what I knew best, and that was utilizing social media to start growing my client base. Now, three years in, my main source of client growth and bookings originate from some form of social media platform.

My Greatest Challenge Right Now: The greatest challenge is to find that consistent day-to-day business growth to sustain the cash flow week after week. There are plenty of busy days and weeks, but continuing to grow my database as well as maintaining my current clientele will be key for my long-term success and growth.

What I Like Best About the Travel Business: The interaction I get to have on a daily basis with existing and new customers, as well as getting to know my various suppliers to help [us] mutually grow. I am a very social person, so this job is perfect for me to use my strong interpersonal skills every day!

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