Barrhead branch’s cruise show beats all company records

Barrhead branch’s cruise show beats all company records
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A revamped Barrhead Travel store in Livingston broke company records at its annual cruise event.

The West Lothian-based branch recently unveiled a new-look following an expansion to double its size.

Revenue rose by more than a third (37%) over last year’s event and the store broke company records of the highest ever day of sales from one branch.

The success of the cruise show saw it beat the previous branch record by 16%.

The store welcomed 11 cruise and Canada suppliers to set-up inside as well as taking over an area of the shopping centre outside the branch.

The branch now plans monthly consumer events for the rest of the year.

Manager James Devine said: “We are absolutely thrilled at the success of our cruise show. My team are truly amazing and its thanks to their genuine dedication to their customers that made the event what it was.

“It was also great to be supported by our colleagues across our network as we welcomed consultants from other branches to help us on the day.

“The passion and team spirit from our Barrhead Travel team as well as our fantastic suppliers was so apparent and created a real buzz and sense of excitement for our customers.

“I am a big believer in creating experiences for our customers and I think hosting in-store events is a great way to enhance the booking journey.

“Our clients have the benefit of getting to find out in-depth information from the cruise lines before our own team tailor-make their dream holiday.”

Karen Cameron, regional sales and engagement manager for P&O Cruises, was one of the 11 partners who attended on the day.

She said: “The attention to detail and the on-the-day execution from James and his team was phenomenal.

“I was so pleased with the sales we generated and for me the best part was being able to really get to know his customers and interact with them to showcase what P&O Cruises has to offer. The team were so enthusiastic and engaged on the day – I am looking forward to next year’s event already.”