Dining with American Queen Steamboat Company

Dining with American Queen Steamboat Company

News Source: travelpulse.com

The first thing to know about dining with American Queen Steamboat Company is that no guest will go hungry.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served onboard in addition to snacks such as fresh fruit, baked goods, ice cream and popcorn. For certain cruises, guests may choose to have lunch in the destination during an excursion.

Those who enjoy an alcoholic beverage with dinner will be happy to learn that wine and beer are complimentary during this time.

The cruise line uses local ingredients so guests onboard can get a taste of the destination’s local cuisine. As far as dress code goes, breakfast and lunch are more on the casual side. However, dinner tends to be a bit fancier, so guests can feel free to pack that elegant outfit they've been itching to wear.

Sometimes guests end up spending all day in the destination and return to the ship later than expected. No need to worry, as American Queen Steamboat Company offers 24-hour room service. Those who arrive back after dinner has been served can eat a later dinner—or maybe a midnight snack—in the comfort of their rooms.

Gratuities are conveniently placed on guests’ onboard accounts, so there is no need to tip the waiter during meals. All that’s needed to bring is an appetite!

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