Traveler's Guide to Successfully Navigating Disney's Star Wars Day at Sea

Traveler's Guide to Successfully Navigating Disney's Star Wars Day at Sea
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When people think of Disney Cruise Line, they probably think of Mickey Mouse, Disney’s private island Castaway Cay and all you can eat ice cream.

But, on select sailings, Disney Cruise Line has a special day set aside just for Star Wars fans—Star Wars Day at Sea. There is so much to do on this exciting day that making a plan ahead of time is going to be the best way to experience as much as possible.

Before you get on your Disney Cruise Line ship, you’re going to want to do a bit of research on past Star Wars Day at Sea sailings, which will help you get an idea of the featured activities and how to schedule your day. Even better, if you can find copies of past personal navigators, the ships onboard activity guide, those will help tremendously.

Another thing you’re going to want to consider before embarking on your vacation is joining a Facebook group for the cruise. To find one, start by searching the ship name and date of your cruise, for example, March 1-7 Disney Fantasy, and start interacting with those who will be embarking on the same journey. This is a great way to not only get questions answered but to find out more information about your Star Wars Day at Sea.

If you want to be even closer to the fun and visit your favorite Star Wars characters while on board, you can reserve a time through the Disney Cruise Line website. The reservations for characters go quickly, so the sooner you do it, the better chance you have of getting to see everyone.

Once you've made your reservation, you can typically expect to see Darth Vader, Chewbacca, R2-D2 and C-3PO. If you’re looking to maximize your time, spread your meet-and-greets out throughout the day so you can experience more in the mornings, when most of the activities take place.

Each night you can expect to receive a personal navigator, a sheet containing the day's activities and highlights, for the following day. The navigator is also available on the Disney Cruise Line app.

The night before Star Wars Day at Sea, be sure to spend some time looking over the navigator and highlight the things you absolutely want to do. For starters, you are not going to want to miss Summon the Force, which is the nighttime deck show that includes fireworks and a guest speaker/panelist that changes with each cruise.

To ensure you arrive at your daily activities on time, set a few alarms on your phone that include details of where on the ship you need to be. This is much easier than pulling out your personal navigator or trying to launch the app when you need to know where you’re going next.

When the Star Wars Day at Sea is finally here, you’re going to want to wake up early. Breakfast at Cabanas, the ship’s buffet, starts at 7:30 a.m. and Star Wars activities begin between 8:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. Although you may be excited to start the day's festivities, it’s going to be essential to grab a fulfilling breakfast considering you’ll be walking all over the ship in the morning.

If you do find yourself running late and missing a showing, many activities take place multiple times throughout the day, so there just might be a second one. This is especially true with interactive activities like BB-8 Races and Star Wars Drawing Academy classes.

The biggest tip for Star Wars Day at Sea is to be flexible. There are scavenger hunts and rare character meet-and-greets in the lobby that you'll probably want to stop for unexpectedly. If you're firm on sticking to your personal navigator schedule, you may miss out on what could be your favorite part of the day. While the day may seem hectic, there's plenty of time check your must-do activities off your list and still be spontaneous around the ship.

No matter how you spend your day onboard, a Disney Cruise Line Star Wars Day at Sea voyage guarantees you're in for a real treat! Be sure to pack your lightsaber and get ready for an adventure on the high seas. May the force be with you.