Visit These Photogenic Places with Crystal Cruises

Visit These Photogenic Places with Crystal Cruises
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Photos have a way of capturing all the best memories, from birthday parties and special events to long vacations.

Upon returning from an exciting vacation, the first thing people usually do is pull out their phone or connect their nice camera to a computer or TV to show friends and family all of the photos taken while away.

Not only is it exciting to share the photos, but travelers can then relive their trip as well.

Crystal Cruises has a few photogenic destinations in mind that are perfect for packing a camera. Photo gurus, take note.

Iceland is first on the list. The city of Reykjavik, the Blue Lagoon, the volcanoes—there is something gorgeous in every direction.

In addition, Berlin is a great place for photography. The streets are filled with vibrant artwork that reveals the history of the place. It’s beautiful and a bit edgy.

A lemur relaxing in Madagascar

PHOTO: A lemur relaxing in Madagascar. (photo via nikpal/iStock/Getty Images Plus)

Where can a family of lemurs hanging out in the trees together be found? You guessed it—Madagascar. Photographers will get a chance to snap shots of lemurs, birds and plenty of other amazing creatures that live in the jungle.

These are just a few of the many photogenic destinations Crystal Cruises visits.